How to Hire the Best Freelance SEO Expert in India 2017 ?

By | June 23, 2017

If you hold a website and it has high-quality SEO, your website can turn into a great sales medium. Your site can gradually delegate you with more viewers, customers, and leads. For this, you require a proper access and valuable strategy based on search engine optimization. You are aware of your customers and their online existence who are looking out for products offered by you, but you do not have much idea on how to drive more number of customers to your site. Thus you need to know how to hire the best SEO expert in India who will assist you to expand accurate traffic towards your website.

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  • Talk to references and check past work samples: References of former and current clients are a great method to decide on potential hiring. Such references can aid you in determining how successful the candidate is. You should ask an SEO freelancer to share their past success stories and sample works so that you can be sure of your selection. You can verify their works they did in various companies on particular SEO campaigns. An honest SEO consultant should be open to discuss on their respective clients’ assignments and how they gained lots of audiences for their websites and imparted a positive result on their search ranking.
  • Ask for an initial technical assessment of your site: When you inquire for the primary technical review of your site, you can gradually get to comprehend what precisely the expert SEO will modify, as the onsite optimization will need few amendments to your code.
  • Ask them how they can save your time and money: While hiring a freelance SEO expert, you can ask them how they can help you save your time and money! A good SEO professional knows how they can effortlessly apply excellent SEO strategies which will help your business to push forward. They can explain to you how they can work superbly according to your given budget.
  • How to improve your search engine rankings: A well-qualified SEO consultant should explain the marketing tactics they would utilize to drive the search engine ranking of your website upwards. They can even tell you about the problems faced, like error pages and broken links. They can even present you ‘on-page’ optimization, what can make your search engine friendly which includes boosting your site’s internal linking structure and URL, and also build web page titles, tags, and headings. You should also ask whether they also offer SEO ‘off-page’ strategies so as to increase awareness of your creative contents on other sites through blogs, press releases, and social media platforms.
  • Do you stick to webmaster guidelines of search engines: You need the best SEO expert on upwork who follows the widely posted ‘webmaster best practices’ by Google that forbid 12 general SEO tricks which involve producing spam comments, spam contents and inserting fake hidden links and texts. You can confirm from the freelance SEO expert whether they also follow the webmaster best practices posted by Yahoo and Bing.
  • Can you assure my site will gain a higher ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing: You can discuss with the SEO expert in which way your site can achieve a higher spot on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What are the methods to be implemented that can bring success to the website? What kind of contents should be published on the site that will capture more traffic? What are highlight points in product descriptions one should focus on that will increase sales? So the SEO expert should be confident in giving an accurate answer.
  • Ask about the tested SEO Techniques: The best SEO expert on upwork having a thorough know-how on search engine optimization and its useful techniques will prove to be beneficial for your online business. For example, i. They will execute and incorporate Google Analytics as well as Google Webmaster Tools to your site. ii. They will craft the sitemap.xml of your site and keep updating the XML sitemap often. iii. SEO expert will be optimizing the robot.txt file of your site. iv. They will even maintain the tracking of your site and modify towards the development of your website.
  • Ask will they share the changes made on your site with you: Most probably SEO would need quite many key changes to your existing web page coding. Obviously, the SEO expert you would hire does know and will apply the changes required on your web pages. You can ask if the consultant is fine in sharing those modifications with you for your knowledge. For example, will the SEO specialist change the existing HTML codes, or will they insert new title tags to your present HTML code? Will they plan to recreate all or few of your site navigation or include new web pages to your site? Will they offer extra content writing that focuses on your products and services that would increase the visibility, on-page keywords related to your prospective customers? Be clear from beforehand whether they are fine to share with you these details.
  • How do you assess the accomplishment of your SEO campaigns: In order to estimate the success of SEO results, it is the responsibility of the SEO expert to follow how much traffic is being sent towards your website and from where exactly they’re approaching from. As they are proficient in utilizing Google Analytics, they know to track the needed improvements in the SEO ranking of your website, the variety of keywords searchers look for and use to explore your website, number of links from other distinct sites that drive more traffic to yours, etc. Ensure to enquire them about these points and how frequently they intend to share the vital analytics with you and in which they’ll apply these data to develop your site traffic and search engine rankings.      

Hence, on the rank-wise, if you want to position your website higher up on Google, Yahoo and Bing, you’ll have to take the help of the best SEO expert in India or you can also take a  help of best SEO company.


How to hire the best Freelance SEO Expert in India?
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How to hire the best Freelance SEO Expert in India?
Excellent SEO visibility can be vital to increase traffic to your website that can direct towards better brand awareness and high sales rate and earnings. Hire a freelance SEO expert to get superb results!
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